Designing Home (Living Room)

My family is in the process of moving!! Are we not the luckiest! No, Seriously it is an exciting time. We have been living in a West Texas town for the last couple years. When we moved here I really only “planned” to be here for a couple years… Now I believe we are home… Maybe our forever home. We don’t know, but for now, this season we are home. We are supposed to close and move in this weekend!! To say I’m excited is an understatement. I wanted to share a few ideas I have to design our living spaces. Right now it is more of a vision board. Next week I can’t wait to show you updates and how the furnishings will actually look! I’m a transitional furnishings girl. A little bit of modern but a lot of timeless. Mix it up! I usually choose neutral colors for large pieces of furniture and mix in colors with art, pillows, and accessories.

Here is our new space!!!!



I bought this couch a bit ago from West Elm. I love modern straight lines. My husband and I debated for months about color. I wanted lighter he wanted darker. We landed with straight lines and darker colors!

I really do prefer large neutral fabrics. I like to change up spaces a lot. When I do more bold fabrics, it cost me so much to buy new things every 6 to 9 months!


I am most excited out this chair. I ordered two. I have a concern about the two fabrics from the couch and the chair competing. We will see. I ordered them from Wayfair, so the shipping and return are super easy. And the price! I love how affordable they are. They have great reviews. I can’t wait to receive them this week.

I love that gold has come back in style. I have always loved gold over chrome and silver, and now the updated gold furnishings bring in a classic chic style that I so adore.

When it comes to pillows and curtains, I love colors and textures! I change my pillows out at least once a year. Each time gives my space new life.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.31.54 PM

and this chandelier. It is pricey…and I really pray I love it when it comes in. I’m not a huge fan of ceiling fans and can’t wait to remove the biggest one in the house.


I want to paint the interior of our home. Paint colors really stress me out! If you have ideas, let me know!


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