Hi! I’m Kezia! (Key z ah)

I am a high mover and doer. Always in the middle of at least one adventure. Mostly likely there are 4 or 5 going on at the same time. Creative chaos is my norm. I’m married to my junior high sweetheart and continue to be more sweet on everyday. I have FOUR independently creative kiddos! You will often see me burning tires all over town getting them from place to place. I love people and I mean all people. I love telling stories, hearing stories, and creating a story together. I have learned to love my past because it shaped my today. I have a passion to make all things beautiful. Beauty is subjective and my beauty may be different than yours but I will delight in finding what is beautiful to you. I believe we are all connected and I won’t be able to complete my purpose without you. I believe my purpose to love my family, love each other, and share how much more Jesus loves you.

Hey! I’m Chelsea!

I’m a wife and mother to two busy toddlers. When I’m not chasing after the kids, I’m a Creative Director

Umberger Family-52

of a marketing firm and handletterer. I love making family meals, creating beautiful DIY projects for my home, and keeping an organized planner.

Gathering people together and focusing on what motivates them, is one of the highlights of my life. I’m an ardent champion for worship and prayer with unity within my city. I have known loss and joy through mourning. I have seen God’s promises fulfilled through immense faith and trust in Him. My desire is for every woman to know that their story matters and we are all in this together.